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2023-10-05 par Horacio Gonzalez

My blog is reborn... again...


Hello to everyone out there – tech enthusiasts, wanderers, artists, and those just plain curious!

If you ventured into the varied pages of LostInBrittany.org in the past, you'd remember a mix of topics – from tech to art, to even optical illusions. That blog was where I combined my love for drawing with the exciting world of digital technology. Over time, priorities shifted, and while the old platform never really went away, its primary focus evolved.

Over the past 6 years, my journey took me deep into the heart of Developer Relations. From crafting content, participating in technical conferences & meetups as an attendee, speaker or organizer, managing a corporate tech blog, to hosting webinars and live streaming tech content or conducting tech labs – it's been a fulfilling ride. My drive to share, learn, and illustrate the world of technology hasn't waned but has grown stronger.

This week, I've had the privilege to speak at Devoxx in Antwerp. The experience, surrounded by a lively tech community and the vibrant atmosphere, reignited a personal desire: to restart my individual blogging journey, albeit with a clearer focus.

So, here's LostInBrittany's tech blog. This space will primarily delve into IT development topics – be it the expansive world of Kubernetes and cloud-native tech or the nuanced areas of Java and Web Development. Alongside the tech, my hand-drawn illustrations will add a touch of personality, offering a unique blend of doodling, musings and code.

I invite you all to join me in this revamped journey. Your thoughts, questions, and feedback will shape this space, making it a community hub for all things tech. Together, let's navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, one illustrated post at a time.

To new beginnings and a passion that never fades! πŸš€πŸŽ¨πŸ’»

Stay curious and stay connected!


Horacio Gonzalez - LostInBrittany