Under the hood

2023-10-09 par Horacio Gonzalez

Why not simply use Wordpress?


Hello there, folks!

If you've been following my online adventures on LostInBrittany.org for the past couple of decades, you've seen it evolve from a mishmash of topics to a place where tech reigns supreme. I've used trusty old WordPress for this journey, running everything from my personal blog to corporate platforms like the current OVHcloud blog. Plus, I've set up countless blogs for friends, family, and various groups.


Hello world!

2023-10-05 par Horacio Gonzalez

My blog is reborn... again...


Hello to everyone out there – tech enthusiasts, wanderers, artists, and those just plain curious!

If you ventured into the varied pages of LostInBrittany.org in the past, you'd remember a mix of topics – from tech to art, to even optical illusions. That blog was where I combined my love for drawing with the exciting world of digital technology. Over time, priorities shifted, and while the old platform never really went away, its primary focus evolved.